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Dear Tommy’s Thai patrons,

On September 6, 2022, we will -

1) Raise our prices

2) Temporarily switch to a pared down menu

3) Offer dinner service only

This was a difficult decision for us to make and we’ve delayed a price increase for as long as we could. We want to, first and foremost, thank you all for your unwavering support since 1988. You’ve been especially loyal over the past few years — between the pandemic, staffing and supply shortages, and now inflation. It’s been a difficult time for us all.

The restaurant industry has yet to recover, food costs are through the roof, and we are extremely understaffed, operating with 40 percent of the workforce we once had. Three full-time employees currently prepare and cook all your food, and until we are able to fully staff our kitchen, we must regrettably reduce the menu. To make the work more manageable, we will offer fewer  appetizers, eliminate the  Chinese menu, and  condense the Thai menu. We plan to bring back our full original menu and lunch service once we are able to.

We are continuously committed to providing you with high quality products made in-house by our dedicated, hard working team here at Tommy’s Thai and are forever grateful for your patience and patronage.